Thursday, June 21, 2007


Alleluia!!! We have just been notified by our coordinator in Ukraine that our dossiers were registered at the SDA (Ukraine Adoption Authority) a few days ago. Well, atleast 1 has been confirmed. Since the boys are in 2 different orphanages the other 2 dossiers , which are assigned to Eugene and Igor have probably been submitted separately. Our coordinator was out of town assisting another family with their adoption when the registration took place so she is investigating the details further. We will hopefully get confirmation on the other 2 very soon. Since there has not been a child adopted from the second orphanage before (because the special needs children are considered undesirable) we have expected God's hand will have to move mighty mountains during this process. Since we believe that He is the one who has anointed this process, we know it will be a glorious victory. Please continue to lift this up in prayer.

Now the SDA has up to 30 days to approve and issue our appointment. Our coordinator anticipates we will be travelling in September
or early October.
Above is a photo of Artyom holding a letter and outfit we sent him in April. Love that Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt! Charlie made sure Artyom took a very personal momento from his "little brother" back to Ukraine that would remind him of our family's collegiate team loyalties. Of course the Notre Dame baseball cap would have been a perfect addition, but Charlie could not part with it.
I promise to post photos of Eugene and Igor on the blog when we get to Ukraine. Posting photos of the children is highly discouraged before our appointment. Since we hosted Artyom and I had several (except this one that was sent to us from our coordinator) it is a bit different. I do have a few photos of the little boys for anyone that just cannot wait, send me an e-mail request and I will send them to you that way.
Be sure to check back often as I will post updates as soon as we hear something new regarding our travel dates.


bob&gail said...

Theresa.This is great news. I am so happy for you.

Gail Ray

DoveFamily said...

Wonderful news - congratulations to you guys!!!