Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No news, is NOT ALWAYS good news!!

Here are some of my favorite little peeps. My nephews and niece. These are the smiles that make a cloudy day sunny. Thanks Julie and Jerry for making me an Auntie.

Joshua -The face of true joy!

Teresa Mary and Jacob (the princess and the family comedian)

Hello my dear friends and faithful Blog readers,
Today was one of those days I had to praise God a little bit longer and a little bit harder. What is so special about today? I was reminded once again of how much God loves each of us so much and how He personalizes His relationship with each of His children based on our special needs. First, let me share my daily scripture reading and reflection with you from last Wednesday. All of God's word is very important but God knew before hand that I would be needing this particular reminder to be fresh in my thoughts.
Perfectly Complete
Today's Scripture
“Be confident of this. He who began a good work in you will continue to perform it until it’s perfectly complete” (Philippians 1

Do you have dreams that have not yet come to pass? Are there promises that you are standing on in your health, finances, or relationships? Know this: God is a god of completion. He wants to finish what He’s started in your life. No matter how long you’ve been praying, don’t let the enemy tempt you into thinking that it’s never going to happen. Be encouraged today because God is called the Author and the Finisher of your faith. That means He’s working behind the scenes on your behalf. Anything He begins, any dream He puts in your heart, He is well-able to finish. Stand strong on this promise. Be confident even when it looks like it’s not going to happen. No matter how long it takes, stay in faith and keep your hopes up because God has promised to finish the good work He’s started in your life!

For those of you following our progress thus far, we began our ninth week yesterday waiting to receive word of our SDA appointment. I've been getting concerned that we are well over the 30-day review period. Granted, some families have reported exceeding "30 working days" due to some back log and summer holidays, but still something else did not seem quite right. We also had not ever recieved confirmation that all 3 of our dossiers were submitted. So I contacted our agency and they called our coordinator in Ukraine (who is a very hard working and honest woman) We have learned though that our cultures do communicate in different ways. Sometimes these ways make us a little crazy.

Our coordinator sent this response:"Wollschlagers were registered only 2 weeks ago, the people through whom we registered their docs couldn't control the situation with them and we thought that they were already submitted! So many up and down things in this registration, but now it'll be much easier to get their travel date, I'll let you know! I think they'll be able to travel in October-November."
K. at our agency had also asked her if all three were registered at the same time and she responded:"They all will have the same number, they don't have to be submitted separately!"So I guess it's good news and bad news ...we thought they had already been registered, but they weren't (that's the bad news), but it looks like all were registered at the same time (that's the good news).
I was at a complete loss for words , which does not happen very often. But although I was disappointed for not knowing this information all of these weeks, I resolved that there is a higher, unknown purpose that makes it easier to accept. I immediately recalled His promise to complete the good work He has begun in our family and this gave me great peace of mind.
So what does this all mean? We are still waiting. There is a new count of working days, but you won't get the answer to how many more here. I have stopped counting the days and have begun to just count on HIM.
Thanks for your continued prayers. Theresa


Nataliya said...

At least now you know for sure that your dossiers were submitted! Our dossier was also submitted 2 weeks ago, so maybe we'll travel at the same time!

DoveFamily said...

It's in His time and part of His plan! I'm sure it wasn't the news you wanted, but I also know that it will all work out for good. Praising Him for all progress in this journey!

John & Lucia said...

Congratulations on another step closer! We have not heard anything ourselves. You can bet we are going to call K. today and see if she can find out anything for us. Even though we know in our hearts that it's all in His timing, we eagerly await ANY news at this point.
Blessings to you and your family!