Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did someone say Doctor?

A few weeks ago I received a request from an interested person that keeps up with our Blog to "update". This request was made indirectly to a dear friend of mine, who lives in another state. I was unable to update at that time and although we are blessed by the concern of others I must admit sitting at the computer for any length of time these days is far from my thoughts.

I know I did promise to update every once in awhile though and so here I am.
All of our boys are all adjusting as well as can be expected and learning to adapt to their new environment and adjusting to everyone's habits. I include Charlie and Nick as I speak about adjustments. Instantly having three new brothers to share everything has been an experience for them as well.

Since we have arrived home we have been to the Emergency Room 4 times (nothing life-threatening), to the dentist 3 times(4extractions, cleanings, spacers, sealants, numerous cavities filled) to the eye doctor 2 times (3 needing glasses), 2 MRI's, 2 outpatient surgeries (same kiddo-2 for one day), 3 pediatric head to toe visits and immunizations for all, 3 TB tests (if your child has had the vaccine in Ukraine or country of birth... they will test positive...just get chest x-ray and skip the pain of stick and check), 3 chest x-rays, one broken wrist (most active kid in cast for 8 -10 weeks), audiology exam, follow-up visits from surgeries, orthopedic visit for 2 (another 2 for 1 appointment), 1 pelvic x-ray, orthotics lab visit for leg braces (1 down two to go), 2 visits to Audiologist, PT,OT and Speech for Christopher (these are the fun appointments) Now these appointments have been just for Artyom, Andy and Christopher. I have not mentioned Charlie and Nick's visits for their annuals and monthly Orthodontist. Not to mention, 3 visits to SSA.

I have seen and signed more HIPPA consent forms in the past 1 1/2 months than in my 15 years as a heart patient!!

Now the fun stuff... We are keeping our sense of humor and counting our blessings each and everyday. It has been good to have Mark home to help with the transition although we certainly would not have planned it ourselves this way. Thank God, He knows best!! Artyom and Andy will be playing futbol (soccer) and Charlie and Nick will be at the Baseball field this spring. Everyone has started practice as of this week and all four have opening Day on March 1st. Christopher is enjoying watching his brothers and is an enthusiastic cheerleader. We pray that next spring, he too will be on his own team. Please do not be upset if you ask me what day of the week it is and I say, "February", really, I am just fine.

Sometimes I am asked by a concerned friend if there is anything that I need. I have been pondering that thought and If there is anyone willing to design and build a bathroom for me that can double as a sanctuary, I would be grateful. Also any ideas on how to keep the athletic cups from ending up on the kitchen table, like they are centerpiece of sorts, Please, I appreciate any input.

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Leslie said...

Yes, I too have been wondering how you guys have been. But I have no room to talk since I'm doing a terrible job of keeping our blog updated since coming home. I only have one new addition and can barely keep up with all the changes! How do you do it???