Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God is always Good. God is always Great!

To my Dear friends and family who sent up such a beautiful offering of prayers for my physical healing this week, Thank you so much and hugs to you all! I received so many wonderful calls, e-mails and kind words. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundant blessing of family and friends that God has given to me. I arrived home in the early evening yesterday feeling wonderful and so very happy to be home with my sweeties and sleeping in my own cozy bed (without the IV tubes and heart monitors to navigate around) . My cardiologist was "pleased" with the results of the ablation and needless to say, so I am.

I will post again soon or if we get any news from Ukraine. Our internet service has been up and down at home today, but I just wanted to express my appreciation.

Love and Joy in Christ,


Leslie said...

Very good news! Get plenty of rest. You have a whole adventure ahead of you!

Lucia said...

Theresa, good news that you are home and feeling well. Get your rest. Keeping you and your adoptions in prayer!

Lucia said...

Theresa, glad to read the good news that you are home. Praying for continued healing and for your adoptions!