Saturday, September 22, 2007

Very Good News and Still Waiting

To all of our friends and family that responded to our urgent prayer request, I am sorry for the temporary silence on this Blog. I was waiting to get clarification on what actually happened with our dossiers. It is not as simple as asking the question Why? or What happened? So we are very grateful for your patience and prayers. Following is an explanation of what happened and why things have been delayed. According to our Coordinator in Ukraine, we should be given our appointment date by the end of Septemeber.

"Apparently, the SDA made a mistake - they had your old dossiers and new ones and had a little mix-up with the marriage certificates. So, they used the older marriage certificates and then stopped the process of review because they were expired. So, then A. is called in and she points out to them that they have the more recent marriage certificates. So then they complain that now the home study and medicals are out dated. In which A. replies - "Well, they are only out dated because you guys waited too long over the marriage certificates and mixing up documents!" So, luckily A. convinced them to re-submit the documents for official review. The "January" confusion comes into play because that's when the oldest documents (home study and medicals) will be a year old. Documents need to be under a year old at the court date (for judge approval). A. convinced the SDA that if they could get you guys to Ukraine in October or November, the adoption can be completed before the end of December and the court should accept all documents because they should all be under one year old at that point. In which the SDA agreed. "

So now we just wait a bit longer and will have a definitive date very soon. We are so grateful for the out pouring of love and prayers. Prayer does make a difference! Fr. Michael, it is difficult to describe in simple words how much it meant to us when you offered Holy Mass for our intentions. We love You!

One more thing, I am not a bonified techie, not even close! I am keeping this chronicle for a number of reasons, so I can remember all we have gone through, so I never forget God's compassion and tremendous love for His children, so we can continue to glorify our Savior by sharing what He does in our lives, to communicate and stay current with those who are interested in not only our journey, but perhaps may be called to do the same and the list goes on... I received a comment from an "anonymous" reader today, who obviously cares enough to take the time and read our Blog. The comment addressed the fact that it would be nice if I dated my posts so that they could know what information is current. I chose not to post the comment. Please do not be offended, but again, I am not a techie! However, I do know that if you look in the right sidebar there is a list of the the Months and number of posts in that month. If you click on the month for example, August, there you will see the day in August the entry was made. Also, when you visit the blog, the entry you first see should be the most current. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. Anonymous, please feel free to e-mail me personally (my address is on the site) or call me (old-fashioned communication, I know) and I will be happy to tell you what is current or you could also give me a free tutoring session in Blog archiving. Love Ya, Theresa - Saturday, September 22, 2007


Nataliya said...

Wow, I'm so glad you've got the good news! I'm very impressed with your facilitator, I'm sure it was not easy to reason with SDA.

It's already end of September, so you'll get your date very soon. Can't wait to hear about it!

DoveFamily said...

So glad to finally read some good news. I've been sending up lots of prayers for you guys. Can't wait to hear some more good news!!

Lucia said...

Theresa, I am so glad that A. was able to speak with the SDA and get things moving along for you!! Keeping prayers lifted for you and your family!