Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And then there were 7!!!!

Who'd ever thought we would be the parents to seven children? Yes, I still include our daughters who are living on their own. After all, I did endure 16 weeks of morning sickness with each of my pregnancies and that in itself gives me authority to also refer to my adult children as "my babies".

Having just delivered triplets, by the grace of adoption, I find myself not more physically tired, but mentally challenged. Therefore, this entry I am dedicating to my new friend and also a new adoptive parent, Leslie.

Dear Leslie, on this morning after Christmas Day, I am up before the newly acquired chaos of the Wollschlager home. I decided to catch up on what is happening with the world around me, first of all our other friends who have recently adopted. When I began reading your Blog, I did not check the date of your last entry (because I already felt like I was neglecting my Blog and did not want to see how far behind I was) I confess, I have been amazed at not only your gift for writing, but talent for keeping up with your Blogs with so much detail. I so enjoyed reading about Kristina and feel like I know her, even though I have not met this lovely girl yet.

Then, it hit me between the eyes (or somewhere that counts) when I read about Robert being a Blog Bully and reading how you were being driven "nuts" by my lack of my ability to find a minimum of 30 minutes to update the world on our life (I picked 30 minutes, because I am a slow writer). I am confessing to you and the cyber world now that before we left for Ukraine to deliver our "triplet sons", I had the very same comments spewing from my thoughts about other families who had "dropped off the face of the earth". They were leaving me hanging in the balance!! "What are they thinking?" I thought a mom of multiples would truly understand. Oh, my friend, if you can tell me how you do it, I would like to know.

Until I learn the ways of Blog mastering , I will be lucky to update once every few months, or at least with my annual obligation to update Ukraine. God has really taught me a valuable lesson about time and how I need to spend it. For those of you reading this post, who have not known me quite long enough, I admonish Leslie in good humor and with love and thankfulness for being the instrument God used to let me learn how to relax a bit more. I have also learned that God's sense of humor is much greater than mine and I have a long way to go to acquire such a grace. Five boys and a husband (from a family of nine kids)in the house and me a prissy mom (raised in a family of 3 kids), who gets easily grossed out and has an innate, prophetic vision for potential danger, is a fine way to gain an expanded funny bone!

Just when I thought there were no more unimaginable and interesting places the 100 Nerf darts in our home could turn up......... Just when I thought instructions on how to lift the toilet seat , by one male authority and two concerned females had alleviated the number of times in a day I have to wipe down the toilet seat.........Just when I thought, the words, "Do not try to see how much pain your brother can tolerate, he IS a superhero too" were truly understood.............

See what I mean? When do I possibly have time to Blog anymore? And for those of you waiting for my usually prompt responses to e-mail... Hang in there and give me a few days or if you really need an answer, call me and I will answer the phone with a shrill (I mean thrill) in my voice. Just, pleeeaszzze (yes, I know how to spell please) ignore the strange jungle sounds in the background , we are watching National Geographic.


Leslie said...

YOU are the amazing one, my friend! Three boys in one adoption trip? You get the crown for that! Updating the blog is hard work, but you've got to set your priorities. We are so blessed to have met you on this journey. Thank you for praying for and with us throughout the process. We count you among our blessings in 2007!

MamaPoRuski said...

So glad to know you are surviving... I mean, THRIVING, in this new life God has called you to! I have found "mommy timeouts" are my haven! You are in our thoughts and prayers!
God Bless!

Christine said...

I will look forward to your updates. :)