Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!!!

It is sooo good to be home!! We are anxiously awaiting Mark, Artyom and Andy's arrival in a few hours. I have tried to sit and upload some photos, but it is slow going. Where does the time go? Here are a few from our last week together with daddy in Kyiv and our first week home.


Christine said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. :) said...


I watched your pics for ages tonight. We adopted our daughter from a "feeder" orphanage to Torez and have spent the last 5 years creating and working on to help the kids. And the orphanage that took the most patience to even get into was Torez - they had bad experiences with other AID groups before. I am so so so happy to see your son home. I hope that this will set a trend at this orphanage and that mroe kids will find homes and that the kids will be treated with greater dignity. I am sure you are swamped right now but please email when you have time in the future.

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

My God, Theresa, the life you have saved.....there are not words to express my gratitude to you for giving him the gift of life. --Andrea Roberts