Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still here in Kyiv

We have just now found an Internet cafe to make a quick post. We are all well and safe in Kyiv and Christopher is making many new discoveries. Unfortunatly, our connection tool on the laptop is not cooperating, so I will have to post my mama musings when I get back home. I will post more photos too for all of you who are requesting them.

Christopher and I will be arriving in Atlanta at 9:55 pm tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day!!! Thanks be to God!!! Mark will be home with the boys the following weekend.


Tami said...

Yea! You're coming home. We may pass Mark and the boys in the airport! We're scheduled to leave next weekend. ;)

Lucia said...

Theresa, it's so good to hear from you!! Praying for safe travel for you and Christopher. WOW! What a thankful Thanksgiving this year, huh?

Leslie said...

Praise God! Hurry home Momma and son!

Christine said...

Home just in time!

I've enjoyed reading your blog. :)